Valve Ease – Extensions

Placer Waterworks offers the most diversity Valve Extensions out there. We offer round, solid bar, square or tubing Valve Extension. Our Valve Extensions can be fabricated from standard A36 Steel, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel. Also our Valve Extensioncan be painted, powder coated or hot dipped galvanized.

  • The stainless steel extension shown here was a wall mounted application at a waste water treatment plant. (The solid brass bushing was a Placer Waterworks idea).
  • Extending valve operations from below grade come in so many different forms and sizes. (Shown here are the most common.) We have fabricated at least 50 different combinations and specifications; from solid round stock verticals to square tubing. From 2″ operator nut valve activators to ball valve handles that are off center. Whatever your application or needs are, we can build it and ship it.
  • For the very best results in ease of valve operation use our Centering Ring : (Model PW/CR) in combination with our Valve Extension with polyurethane tire (PW/VEP)

Description: Valve Extensions fabricated from standard A36 Steel, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel with centering ring.

Valve Extensions Option’s: Painted, powder coated, hot dipped galvanized, solid bar, pipe or tube.

Valve Extensions DIMS or Models: View PDF for different sizes and models.