Steel Covers – Recessed Radio

Radio Read Sending Signals are superior flush mounted in a steel cover. The steel cover acts as an antenna also providing maximum strength durability for longevity.

Now with radio read technology eliminating the reader door, we are providing the non-tripping
hazard by flush mounting the sending unit, whether its the Itron or the off-set Neptune readers. Bring on the Badger, Datamatic or what ever — our new lighter/stronger steel cover that will provide the durability you can count on.

Optional Features:

  • Raised identification letters.
  • Hot dipped galvanized.
  • Safety identification colors.


  • S = Standard
  • G = Reader Door
  • RP = Recessed Probe
  • Z = Galvanized

Description: Steel or Aluminum re-enforced utility cover.

Utility Steel Cover Option’s: Painted, powder coated, hot dipped galvanized, and welded letters and etc…

Utility Steel Covers DIMS or Models: View PDF for different sizes and models.