Steel Covers – New Technology

Placer Waterworks has successfully re-designed the traditional 1/4″ thick steel utility box cover. Our design offers greater strength with lighter weight.

This is possible using a continuous flat bar frame of 1-3/4″ wide by 3/16″ thick material welded to the bottom of 3/16″ thick steel floor plate. This eliminates potato chip shapes found in traditional covers.
Our steel fabrication provides longevity and durability. Confirmed strength in our design by destructive testing provided in the following results:

Using H10 WUC 3.6 Standards Testing (All comparative testing with B36 size cover) The standard for testing is 10,400 lbs. of force cycled ten times at center point, permanent deflection can not exceed 1/2″.

Using a Placer Waterworks Utility Box Steel Cover Design (3/16″ steel floor plate) measuring under a load force of 10,400 lbs. of force created a deflection of less than 3/16″.

USING A TRADITIONAL STEEL COVER (1/4″ steel floor plate) It failed by deflecting the 1/2″ with a load of only 10,304lbs. The Placer Waterworks Inc. Design Required 25% more Load of 12880 Lbs to Deflect the same 1/2″

Description: Steel or Aluminum re-enforced utility cover.

Utility Steel Cover Option’s: Painted, powder coated, hot dipped galvanized, and welded letters and etc…

Utility Steel Covers DIMS or Models: View PDF for different sizes and models.