Specialty – Sewer Lifting Station Hardware

Placer Waterworks offer the best solution out there for your sewer lift station. We offer a 30 minute solution to installing lift station pipe hardware!!!

  • Our Lift Station Hardware eliminates the frustration of difficulties during installation. The adjustable design fits perfectly on the first attempt, minimizing the time spent hanging in the harness during installation.
  • Simply state the diameter of the pit, the number of lifting pipes and their diameter, and how many brackets needed. The bracket ends will be fabricated at the correct angle to fit.
  • Includes all stainless steel hardware and fastener.

Description: Adjustable pipe(s) guild rail with wall anchor(s).

Sewer Lift Station Hardware Option’s: Single, double or more U-Bolts Clamps. Adjustable in length.

DIMS or Models: View PDF for different sizes and models.