Specialty – Security Sensus Meter Box

Water Metering protection during development construction

Municipalities with New Construction development has many contractors not wanting to account for their water usage. Water Purveyors wanting to Protect the “Approved recording devices” from vandalism and handling abuse is what this is all about.

At this time Placer Waterworks has developed the optimum in size and in style enclosure for only the Badger & Sensus manufactures. Both newer body styles enclosures built from 14 gage carbon steel wall structures having carrying handles at each end reinforced with 3/8″ diameter solid steel rod. The enclosures from within accommodate the “Transponder sending units” different for each Manufacture. Both enclosures different in size have overhead viewing of the meter without having to remove the meter from the enclosure.

Garnet blasted before powder coated with corrosion protection colors of choice & permanent identification for your agency achieved like what’s shown in the photos (Bottom housing part one color with top enclosure part a second color of choice.)

Description:Badger meter security box.

DIMS or Models: View PDF for different sizes and models.