Specialty Products


Placer Waterworks offers Barrier protection sizes 3″ thru 8″, Permanent or Removable, Lockable or Not. Made of Schedule 40 or 80 steel pipe galvanized or black pipe. Optional Garnet blasting before powder coating. Can be made in safety colors of your choice. Reflective Tape available.
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Collapsible Bollard Guard Posts

Collapsible Bollard come in 2 1/2″ or 3″ schedule 40 steel pipe sizes. Standard single lock security or dual locking for multiple agency access.

  • 3/4″ Stainless steel axis point
  • Extra heavy duty 3/8″ X 4″ steel Embed
  • Total height of only 5″ when collapsed
  • Optional powder coated in Safety colors of choice
  • 2 1/2″ wide reflective tape available

Water Meter Idlers

Placer Waterworks offers the most durable, cost effective & Proven water meter idlers. Because we cut and thread our own schedule 80 PVC pipe, then install correctly timed… cast iron flanges achieving the correct length. These Idlers become re-usable over & over again. We build to custom lengths as well.

The most common in size water meters are the 1 1/2″ requiring 13″ overall length & 2″ requiring 17″ in overall length. “Short cutters” have tried using glued on male adapters attempting to build a Meter Idler only to experience failure. It will save you time and money using our Schedule 80 PVC correctly cut, threaded & timed cast iron flanges compared to fabricated copper assemblies.

Sewer/Storm Drain Lift Station Hardware

NOW recommended by several engineering firms who design lift stations BUT years ago we began by altering/salvaging what they had designed for discharge pipe support brackets. The installing field crews found almost always prefabricated supports simply did not fit so in working with them (installation crews) we learned of the installation methods and practices to anchoring such supports hanging in harnesses that we felt “There must be a better way so we came up with now a Tried & Proven method that accommodates both round and rectangular wall structures.

For nearly a decade now our design dominates allowing field crews when out installing to complete the task were told average 30 minutes per bracket & the very first time without frustration. We fabricate everything on site including the Stainless steel U-Bolts to accommodate the different OD’s of the different pipe diameters (C-900, Cast Iron or Coated steel.)

Water Main Valve Lockout Devices

2 Point lock out device (VLD)
Water main tie in locations for “Sharing” water districts looking for security can depend upon at least one of our two designs. Both designs come ready to accommodate the ID’s of riser pipe sizes both 6″ and 8″

3 Point lock out device
Like the 2 point design the 3 point is made entirely of Stainless steel. See 90 sec. video in More info for simple easy installation procedure.

Security of Water main line locations are warranted for many different reasons. BUT when un-securing for access no one wishes to experience frustration from jammed moving parts that have been setting in a damp moist location. Both our 100% stainless steel designs utilize proven simplicity in functionality and structural integrity. Different from out 2 point our 3 point does not require that the valve extension below to be with-in 4″ of the VLD (valve lockout device). The 3 point design allows greater overall surface area coverage. The industry needs both designs to accommodate the diversity of already installed standards.

Hydrant Meter Security

Placer Waterworks here again steps up to the plate for our Municipality Friends. Rapid growth had taken over in 2003 in Northern Calif. The drought issue was about to be brought to the forefront and the primary water purveyors were in search of a method of accountability beyond the “Honor System” with developers.

Sensus Meter Security Box

Water Metering protection during development construction
Municipalities with New Construction development has many contractors not wanting to account for their water usage. Water Purveyors wanting to Protect the “Approved recording devices” from vandalism and handling abuse is what this is all about.