Specialty – Hydrant Security for Badger & Sensus Water Meters

Our first Hydrant meter enclosure was for the Sensus shown in photos recognized by the white box attached to the yellow hydrant having a Black support stand locked in place by the Stainless Steel straps welded to the White enclosure box. Since that time, again back in 2003 both water meter manufactures Sensus & Badger (The water meters of preference in the Sacramento area) both of them have developed New Body Styles. The Enclosures presented here on this site in photos were developed and built to accommodate the updated body styles & Yes, we still offer the original.

Sacramento County, in 2018, has asked us to incorporate the use of a security chain to be within the enclosure for the Sensus model allowing them to lock the meter enclosure to the hydrant for which it is monitoring (see photos).

Description: Hydrant meter security with lock guard.

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DIMS or Models: View PDF for different sizes and models.