Placer Waterworks Products for Infrastructure

Air Release Valve Enclosures

Placer Waterworks manufactures one of the largest selections of both above ground & below ground enclosures.
Accommodating even sewage above ground ARV enclosures. Our SJ design is a specified product of choice by many
Water Districts, Cities & Counties throughout our home state including the Metropolitan Water District of California.

Backflow Enclosures

Manufacturing backflow enclosures now for 23 years here you will see the largest selection of Backflow enclosures by any manufacture. All of our own design and built by only Placer Waterworks. Protecting also : Fire suppression assemblies, Gas Meters, solar equipment, Pressure reducing devices and even booster pump stations.

Fire Department Connections

We have fabricated small 2 port fixtures thru Very Large 10″ dia. Manifolds having 8 ports. Vertical wall mount or standard horizontal styles. Combination manifolds of Storz w/swivel snoots. Our FDC’s are protecting the Smithsonian Aeronautics’ Museum in Washington DC., to the Port of Oakland in CA. Also in the Bay area the new homes of: Google, Facebook & 49er Stadium to name a few. Tell us your need and we will build it with our certified and qualified team at Placer Waterworks.

Specialty Products

A full line of Infrastructure products including: Bollard Guard Post both Collapsible and Standard, Water Meter Idlers, Wet Well Lift Station brackets & hardware, Water Main Lock Out Devices, Hydrant Meter Vandalism Enclosures, Treatment Plant Hose Racks of several designs, and even water quality sampling stations.

Steel Utility Box Covers

Placer Waterworks redesigned the traditional industry standard 1/4″ steel floor plate utility box cover having 1 1/2″ angle iron clips hold the plate in place. Again to separate ourselves from the crowd we for over a decade now have provided a continuous 1 1/2″ tall flat bar reinforcing frame to our 3/16″ thick steel floor plate making it stronger and lighter than the industry standard at no additional cost to the end user!. “It’s about Quality.”

Valve Ease Products

Placer Waterworks now 25 years of age has built & designed main line valve operation accessories for many municipalities, water & sewage treatment plants in California. From unique valve extensions to our problem solving PCDU accessory getting around other unwanted utility lines in the same ditch. Our library of proven accessories may provide a solution to a task you have at hand.

Pipe Support Stands & Saddles

Stands and saddles to support 2″ thru fixed 72″ pipe we have provided. Adjustable supports we have 4 standard sizes taking you from 10 to 14″ on up to 24″ to 36″ in height. Custom sizes are available with other accessories like “Full clamp saddles” that are attached to the adjustable 1 1/4″ Zinc plated all thread rising stem. See our PDF specifications here in this section.