Powder Coating

It was always our plan to have our own powder coating and garnet blasting operation on site when designing our new home, so that we could control the quality of corrosion protection to our products. Because our products are primarily utilized by municipalities, we know and understand that they have a responsibility of providing the very best quality to the tax payers they serve. So focusing on the “coating” side of fabrication, we want you to know that we here at Placer Waterworks, Inc. have made it our goal to have the very first powder coating procedure to be recognized by the state of California Department of Water Resources (DWR).

At this time, a defined procedure of process and chemistry giving 10 years of protection does not exist. We want this protection for UV’s so to have high gloss retention together with anti-graffiti qualities as well. This will complement our participation and concern to provide the best in products that include durability, functionality, longevity, and user friendly features all as a part of our products.