Fire Department Connections

2-Port Fire Department Connections

Placer Waterworks offers a 2 port Fire Department Connection Uncommon to most. This 6″ diameter manifold (usually a 4″) we developed early this New millennium. Vast growth in the Northern California area had begun the need for higher volumes of water during fire suppression. Placer Waterworks fabricating 6″ manifolds of 3 ports & more was able to accommodate a Placer County Fire Marshalls need of higher volumes using only a 2 port. Northern California is our base and we are proud to have been able to contribute to the safety of emergency responders & minimizing loss in damages thru this fixture.
“It’s ALL about Volume” in the time of Need!

3-Port Fire Department Connections

Our 6″ diameter manifold 3 port only 31″ wide you can get higher volumes without the larger fixture in size. We offer two standard heights to choose from (14″ and 26″) but you can also have a “Vertical wall mount” as well If that is what you need. This 3 Port 6″ manifold is available with a rock guard. All Fire Department Connections are Garnet Blasted before receiving a Super Duty powder coating chemistries 4-6 mills film thickness protecting against fading from UV rays. All welding accomplished per AWS D1.1 Section 3 FCAW Process.

4-Port Fire Department Connections

The 6″ Diameter manifold 4 Port is by far the most popular model. Available in two standard heights (14″ & 26″) Horizontal mount OR Vertical wall mounted. With or without a rock guard. Can be customized by adding a 5″ or 6″ Storz fitting The 4 Port size is where some elect to upsize to a 8″ diameter manifold as well. All Fire department connections are garnet Blasted before receiving a Super duty powder coating chemistries 4-6 mills in film thickness protecting against UV rays. All welding accomplished per AWS D1.1 section 3 FCAW process.

5 thru 8-Port Fire Department Connections

The 6″ Diameter 5-port comes with any & all the other options that you can possibly need Including using a 10″ diameter manifold. Yes we have built to that specification which I believe was a Tire distribution building filled with high volume of the worst combustibles. Because we have the talent, know-how and a facility to fabricate from raw material to being completed with high quality prep & finishing with quality coating here on site. Call us with your need and we will get the task handled start to finish. We prefer using only Giacomini snoots and Valves because they are the only manufacture built and tested to 300PSI not 175 and approved and monitored by both UL & FM. If you have another fitting of choice or need we can accommodate.

Fire Department Connections with Storz

6” manifold for this category is the minimum diameter pipe size of preference.
Because the most common in size of Storz used is both the 5” & 6’, Pipe fitting becomes more challenging to place a 5 or 6” fitting on a 4” pipe BUT we have done that as well.
We are a “Can Do” Fabricator willing to complete your needed task. Just call and we will put our “Tools, Talent, Experience & Know-How” to work for you. Let it be stated that Placer Waterworks has provided Fire department connections (some of them uniquely custom at the following facilities in the bay area: 49er new stadium in Sana Clara CA., Google one million sq. ft. research center in Mountain CA., Facebook’s newest corporate headquarters in Menlo park CA., and Remodeled Stanford University Stadium in Stanford CA., to name a few.

Fire Department Connections with Gate Valves

Fabricator of fire suppression manifolds built to fill your need we offer Fire department Connections with gate valves. You call out your need of type of valve (Horizontal or Angle) and we will build it for you.