Backflow Enclosures

All models you are about to see are Designed with longevity in mind and user friendly features of:

  • Easier full access.
  • Structural integrity durability.
  • Vandal resistant recessed lock locations.
  • Concrete embeds to reinforce concrete & to provide interior securing of the enclosure.
  • Our optional insulation feature protects the R-value material with 22 gage galvanized sheet material.
  • All of our enclosures come with the option of Insulation for freeze protection.
  • All our enclosures are “Garnet Blasted” before receiving their corrosion protection (not pressure washed).
  • Our solid enclosures without expanded metal receive powder coating materials having anti-graffiti chemistries.

E1A Backflow Enclosures

E1 A is by far the most popular Model . In fact, we are the first to design & fabricate having a base and front opening door. It was a complement to have another manufacture copy our design but let the Truth be known YES, Placer started it… only because we got tired of having enclosures RETURNED due to landscapers to often forgetting to add to their length measurement needed using the original design of a 5 sided box.

Hinged movement over the top of a device to gain access required a more larger enclosure in length. So by designing a front door to the enclosure allowed easier access, usage of 100% of the interior & best of all no mistakes in ordering.

Our E1 A design specified by many cities & counties all over California. Most dominate beginning in the south from Fresno up to Redding. West in San Francisco headed East Down the Hwy 80 Corridor to Placer counties Colfax/Auburn areas.

E2A Backflow Enclosures

E2 A utilizes the industry standard design called “Clamshell” but we separate ourselves from the crowd by:

  • No exterior hinges because of our separate foundation frame
  • Concrete embed reinforcing the concrete and providing interior securing of the enclosure.
  • Building the foundation frame also allowed us to be able to seal the frame to the walls of the enclosure for proper insulation methods that don’t wear because of the use of galvanized sheet metal bonded to the R-Value material inside.
  • The base once again come to the assistance for ultimate security. A 3/16” thick X 3” wide band of steel overlaps the clamshell joint but also overhangs on to the base frame for a 3/4″ diameter rod to interlock all together. (See details in PDF Illustrations)

FT Backflow Enclosures

FT this design was started for Pressure Booster locations but has found a home providing several other needs. Front/Top offers two doors of access for serviceability and user friendly features like:

  • The top door is secured after closing the front door.
  • The front door padlock secures 3/8″ diameter Stainless Steel rods spring loaded securing at both the top and the bottom of the door making all four corners of each door (Top & Front) secure against prying.

EOE Backflow Enclosures

EOE “Enclosure Open on End”
The first EOE was on a school playground where the backflow was perpendicular to the exterior of a classroom.

After the enclosure stopped the kids from causing harm to the devise we had to add an accessory to the top surface to keep the skate boards OFF!

EOS Backflow Enclosures

EOS “Enclosure open on Side”
The first EOS also was another school setting but used for protecting a “Gas Meter”. Because natural gas lines come up out of the ground to a meter then goes into a building makes our wall mounted EO enclosure models perfect for the task.

Actually, the EO models mount both to walls and the ground but allow no obstructions to the device inside. Again a Placer Waterworks First.

BE 2 D Backflow Enclosures

BE 2 D
Backflow Enclosure 2 Door was our first solid steel model not using “Expanded Metal” but because of the 4 door model preceding this we utilized the same lock securing method of 3/8″ “Spring Loaded stainless steel rods” to secure the last door to close. All 2 doors are built to order and Insulation being an option.

BE 4 D Backflow Enclosures

BE 4 D
Backflow Enclosure 4 Door was designed back in 1995 for the City of Sacramento. Needed to protect the large devices at the many parks. Three standard sizes were developed at 8ft., 10ft, & 12ft. lon g.This was Placer Waterworks “Beginning” of building Backflow enclosures and having to make them “User Friendly”. Truly this is where and how it all started doing the largest of enclosures First then, working our way down to the smaller E1A models. Safety was the priority when accessing city on maintenance issues. Security was the second priority and several departments participated in presenting their concerns.

BE 6 D Backflow Enclosures

BE 6 D
Backflow Enclosure 6 Door was designed for Placer County Water Agency to protect their Pressure Reducing Stations. These monitoring locations are vital to consistent water pressure & flow volume throughout their entire system.

The equipment inside requires “freeze protection” as well as high levels of security. Full access protocol is a must during regular scheduled maintenance. Taking advantage of the user friendly features like all 4 front doors have hold fixed open hardware. The upper 2 doors the same “Hold open position but also Hydraulic assist to get to the open position.

FP 3 Backflow Enclosures

FP 3
Fire protection 3 door…Vandalism is what provided the need for these enclosures.
Fire marshals have say so over access But the Property Owners of these devices brought the Marshalls to a “New Level of Security” Tired of having to Pay the repair bills due to vandalism rendering these devices in-operable. Property owners got their opinions heard and the Marshalls got their requirements of “Visibility of the OS&Y valves operating stem” meet. We obtained that by creating a window of protection that allowed viewing and eliminated the possibility of non- operable valves. When gathering the technical info for your FP 3 enclosure print one of the four PDF measuring guides available here on this page.

BELO Backflow Enclosures

BELO “Backflow Enclosure Lift Off”
Our only enclosure without any hinges of any kind. This enclosure was developed back in 2011 under the toughest of economic times when vandalism was at extremely high levels for steeling precious metals. There was a big demand back then for us to develop a “Economy Model” so we did for those who could not afford the Higher structural integrity styles developed for the cities and counties. (See photo of E1 A supporting a car on top)