Backflow Enclosures EOE

Placer Waterworks’ Enclosures can easily be opened and closed by one person and allow 100%, full access for work space. For your convenience, all Enclosures come in both non-insulated and insulated models.

Custom sizes are available.

  • EOE is a wall mounted enclosure.
  • Our Backflow Enclosure design allows 100% of the interior cubic footage to be utilized
  • The EOE Backflow Enclosure’s interior hinge design adds security and allows the cover to detach from foundation frame, if needed.
  • “Four-Point” security is obtained by single lock.
  • No exterior hinges or concrete fasteners
  • The EOE Backflow Enclosure is constructed of 1-3/4” x 1-3/4” x 3/16” thick angle and #9, 1-1/2” expanded metal (Compare this to others)
  • Optional insulated model with 22 gauge galvanized sheet metal panels bonded to 1″ styrofoam insulation.
  • All parts are garnet blasted before being powder coated on site.

Description: Fully secure Backflow Enclosure constructed of Angle Frame and Expanded Metal. The Backflow Enclosure provides security by utilizing interior hinges and a single lock point. The Enclosure, itself, is protected from the elements by a powder coating of your color choice.


  • Galvanized 22 gauge panel with 1″ styrofoam.
  • Color
  • Lock guard

DIMS or Models: View PDF for different sizes and models.