Powder Coating Garnet Blasting Finishing Products

Placer Waterworks Offers Exceptional Quality Powder Coating and Garnet Blasting



      Placer Waterworks has exceptional in-house quality powder coating & garnet blasting.  Having our own allows us to control  the garnet size and type of garnet material we use, as well as to determine the  procedure and QA process; this is the foundation for exceptional quality. Assuring that the anchor profile of the blasted surface matches with a chemistry that will allow for it to properly adhere is the base for longevity of corrosion protection. The finish /top coat durability comes from proven industry quality ingredients to provide that extra super duty durability our customers have come to recognize.

      Just as there are many other powder coating operations, there are several powder manufactures.  All powder coating operations have the choice to choose who's powder to apply and all choose what chemistries go into their powders. Cured powder is cured powder. What the powder on your products is made up from IS SOMETHING YOU MIGHT WANT TO QUESTION! Placer Waterworks only uses the best, giving you exceptional quality products.   

      With our 34 ft. deep oven, 10ft. tall and 10 ft. wide it allows us to cure  the higher quality powder chemistries  that provide closer to 10 yrs. of non-chalking together  with anti-graffiti  enhancements, having exceptionally durable chemistries. For exceptional curing From front to rear our oven has (2)  18” wide floor heat distribution channels. This enhances the ovens performance to cure the highest grade of powder finishes from food grade coatings to exceptional zinc rich epoxy primers.

     Because we are manufactures of infrastructure products specified in many municipalities & used in water & sewage treatment facilities, we take it upon ourselves to be proactive and diligent to stay on top of technology break throughs; to assure our customers and the tax payers funding those municipalities, that the corrosion protection finishes we apply are of the highest value and quality.

    Second to the municipalities, the industry that recognizes & takes advantage of our Blasting and Coating services the most are those in the Agricultural Industry. This is where the commonality of genuine & durable, consistency & dependability are all characteristics of the EQUIPMENT & their COATINGS; like the INDIVIDUALS who drive them.

Placer Waterwork Electrostatic powder coating offers: