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Fire Dept. Connection All

Placer Waterworks offers the highest quality Fire Department Connection (FDC) with our 6" and 8" pipe fitting FDC style. Each Fire Dept. Connection is welded 100% full penetration with our best certifier welder. All of our welding is done per AWS and AWWA welding specifications.       

Shipped in a 4 mils clear plastic wrap which should remain on during installation and throughout construction
2" x 6" Brass Identification plate with embossed letters reads:
  • Corrosion protected
  • We have "Built to Order" Fire Department Connection's with as large as 10" pipe and 8 Ports
  • FDC's come common with 150# Welded Flanges or can be ordered with threaded raisers
Fire Depatment Connector Snooth Clapper
Fire Depatment Connecting Break away cap
FDC Brass Plug
UL® Listed FDC
Snoots with Clapper
FDC Break-Away Cap
FDC Brass Plug