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It's All About Volume!!!


Fire Dept. Connections 6 Ports

Placer Waterworks offer a 6 & 8Ports Fire Department Connections (FDC).
  • The 6" or 8"Pipe 6 or 8 Ports with-in the past 2 years has become much more popular as the 8" pipe Four Ports. "It's All About Volume"
  • This 6 or 8 Ports 6" or 8" Pipe Design also is available with a Rock Guard
  • Corrosion protection two part epoxy primer and standard finish safety red two part epoxy urethane top coat.
  • Interior epoxy coatings provide exceptional corrosion protection to all surface where fluids are standing.


6 Ports Fire Department Connections


Standard Fire Dept. Connection with 6" Pipe Size(s)

Model #    
PW/ FDC - 613    
PW/ FDC - 626