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Air Release Valve Enclosures ARV

Placer Waterworks carries one of the largest varieties of Below Ground Air Release Valve Enclosures. Including Steel Cover Plates and Vent Tubes. We build specs with No Tag, or Identification Tagged for many municipalities. See our PDF - Specs page for further detail, or contact our  knowledgeable sales team who can recommend which tube, cover or set is spec for the agency you need.

  • B-36 City of Brentwood - AE3618-M
  • F-36 AE3618 - MN
  • B-40 PCWA AE318-M
Placer Waterworks Offers:
  • Cleaned with Dev prep 88 metal cleaner.
  • Primed with two part epoxy primer for longevity and epoxy urethane top coat protection against ultra violet rays.
  • Both parts come complete with fasteners and are individually packaged for shipping.
  • Sacramento County Water Department specifies PW/AV118-M and PW/AV218-M, both come with 1"x4" stainless steel identification label (Placer County Water Agency requires a 3" x 4").