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Placer Waterworks Offers a Safe, Secure & 100% Accessible Working Space!!!


Air Release Valve Enclosures ARV

Placer Waterworks offers a 100% fully accessible working space; one person cans easily open and close the Air Valve Relief Enclosure. Models come available in both Insulated or Non-insulated options.

For insulated models, ventilation numbers absolute minimum based on enclosure being insulated.

Preferred product of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Placer Waterworks Above Ground ARV Enclosures Offer:

  • No exterior hinges or anchor fasteners.
  • Recessed single lock security.
  • Full access service ability.
  • Four corner 3/8"x5"x2-1/2" anchor plates provide a continuous air gap at the base frame.
  • Every 3 lineal inches of base frame equals 1" square inch of ventilation.
  • Top surfaces crowned for drainage.
  • Base Frame made from 2"x 2" angle, smaller enclosures 3/16" thick, larger models 1/4" thick.
  • Insulted models have 1" styrofoam boned to the body. The door insulation is bonded to 22 gauge galvanized sheet metal.
  • Optional protective coating:
    1. Two part epoxy primer & aliphatic urethane paint
    2. 2-3 mils thick Powder Coating